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COMMUNITY LEADERS (*For Identification Purposes Only; not an organizational endorsement)

Ben Allen, *School Board President
​Britt Allcroft, Children's Television Producer
Sean Anderson, *Advisory Board Member, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Brenda Barnes, *Residocracy Organizer
​Cindy  Bendat, *Save Chain Reaction
Phil Brock, *Parks Commission, Chair

Kate Bransfield, *Residocracy Organizer
Leigh Brumberg, *Treasurer, Santa Monica Democratic Club
Danielle Charney, *Santa Monica Blogger
Julie Dad Lopez, *Former Planning Commissioner
Oscar de la Torre, *School Board Member
Trudy Goodwin, *Committee for Racial Justice, Church of Ocean Park

Frank Gruber, *Columnist, Santa Monica Blogger
Cris Gutierrez, *Sustainability Bill of Rights Organizer
Greg Heacock, *Former President, Santa Monica Mid-City Neighbors
Sue Himmelrich, *Planning Commissioner

Arlene Hopkins, *Former Planning Commissioner
Sadat Huq, *Board Member, Ocean Park Association

Edward Hunsaker, *Board Member, Wilshire/Montana Neighborhood Association

Parker Jean, *Former President, Santa Monica College Student Association
Jay Johnson, *Former Planning Commissioner; *President, Santa Monica Democratic Club
​Deborah Levin, *Hollister Court Preservationist
​Andy Lieberman, *Mental Health Advocate, Step Up on Second
Janet McKeithen, *Minister, Church of Ocean Park
​John Mann, *Former City Council Candidate
Armen Melkonians, *Residocracy Organizer

Richard McKinnon, *Planning Commissioner
Wesley Negus, *Chapter Chair, Surfrider Foundation
Michele Perrone, *Board Member, Ocean Park Association
Tom Peters, *Political Director, Santa Monica College Faculty Association
Nicole Phillis, *Member, Commission on the Status of Women
Linda Piera-Avila, *Member, Urban Forest Task Force
Paul Rosenstein, *Former Mayor of Santa Monica
Laverne Ross, *Former Board Member, Pico Neighborhood Association
Jerry, Rubin, *Save Chain Reaction
Mike Salazar, *Board Member, Ocean Park Association
Rachel Seine, *Officer, Democratic Club
Roy Sion, *Communications Officer, Santa Monica Democratic Club
Angela Smith, Candidate, Santa Monica College Board of Trustees
Barry Snell, *Trustee, Santa Monica Community College Board
Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, Co-Chair, Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights

​Alan Toy, Former Chapter Chair, ACLU; Parks Commissioner

Alin Wall, Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Association
Denny Zane, Political Consultant
Randy Ziglar, *Save Chain Reaction